Tax Law

Few areas of law are more confusing than tax law. Violations of tax law, whether intentional or not, can lead to serious consequences, including massive fines and even jail time. For this reason, when entering into a complex tax situation, it’s in your best interest to engage the services of a tax attorney.

The tax lawyers at Turner Vaught Law Firm are fully prepared to assist you with a variety of tax-related issues, including problems with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), business taxes, estate taxes, and more. We can aid clients with tax law issues pertaining to:

  • Starting a business
  • Engaging in international business
  • Filing a suit against the IRS
  • Defense against the IRS
  • Complicated tax situations such as dual citizenship
  • Tax fraud and tax penalties

Whatever your tax situation, an attorney from our firm can be an invaluable resource for legal advice, representation in court, or negotiations with the IRS.

Take the time to call our office at your earliest convenience to set up a consultation with one of our tax attorneys. We’ll gladly review your tax matter and provide you with the advice you need to take appropriate legal measures that protect your best financial interests.



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